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Azienda agricola Il Molino

Il Molino

Organic farm

The organic farm “Il Molino” is situated in the heart of Tuscia, between Montefiascone and Tuscania, close to Lake Bolsena. The farm has been in the Torzilli family since the 18th century, belonging to Annalisa and Mauro Torzilli.

Annalisa grew up watching her grandparents work and reap the rewards of this fertile and generous land. For over 30 years now, she and her brother Mauro have been managing the farm following the principles of organic agriculture. The name “Il Molino” was chosen because a part of the property and the olive grove is located on land where a water mill used to exist, powered by the stream that still flows today. Out of the farm’s 250 hectares, 40 are dedicated to olive groves, and the rest are used for growing cereals, fruit trees, and hazelnuts.

The olive grove hectares are dedicated to native varieties: Caninese and Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. The olive harvest takes place when the olives begin to turn from green to purple. Cold continuous cycle milling is used, keeping the different cultivars separate, allowing them to package single-variety oils that express the authentic character of the region. The farm produces not only olive oil but also other quality products like olive paté, pasta, flour, jams, and cosmetics.

Additionally, you can stay at the Granaio or Casale, two beautifully restored charming rural dwellings. The Granaio, built in the 18th century, used to have the lower part as a cowshed and the upper floor as a granary and caretaker’s house.

Through renovation, the bull’s stall has become a spacious kitchen with its original enclosure still visible, while the cowshed is now a welcoming large room with a fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Outside the building, there’s a large garden and an inviting swimming pool overlooking the century-old olive grove.

Azienda Agricola Biologica “Il Molino”