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The Francigena and the routes of taste in Tuscia

The largest tourist association in Tuscia: over 60 partners including municipalities, organizations, businesses, and associations.


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A new reference point is born for discovering Tuscia Viterbese with its historical and natural heritage, as well as its folklore, culture, gastronomy, and craftsmanship: an accessible Tuscia that is closer to everyone, a section of the Via Francigena reorganized with over 60 entities united for the new DMO in central Italy.

It’s “La Francigena e le vie del gusto in Tuscia,” the largest DMO in Tuscia Viterbese along the Via Francigena, which offers new tourism ideas to experience and explore up close the entire microcosm of that area in Central Italy, a treasure trove of history and heritage that surrounds Viterbo, with its striking badlands, necropolises, pilgrim routes, and places of meditation.

The Pilgrim's Basket

Walking the Via Francigena, the Olive Oil Route, and the Bandits' Path offers the opportunity to discover the Tuscia region, experiencing slow and mindful tourism while getting to know the local food and wine products.

From this, the idea of starting with the "basket" - historically a container used by pilgrims to store and carry food - to redefine the tourist experience in Tuscia was born.

The Pilgrim's Basket is indeed a memorabilia container that accompanies the traveler during the journey, designed to store the local food and wine products and allow them to be taken home, all while celebrating the local artistic and cultural heritage.

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The towns of Tuscia

Space and tranquility everywhere in Tuscia
Unspoiled atmospheres, far from urban chaos, and places to stay where you are welcomed with ancient hospitality. An untouched environment in a land marked by the rhythms of agriculture and craftsmanship.

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