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Cooperativa Ape Regina

Cooperativa Ape Regina

“Ape Regina” is a cooperative society that has been working for over 20 years on the enhancement of the territory of Alta Tuscia and Acquapendente. Its institutional goals fall within various thematic areas: the enhancement and promotion of historical and environmental heritage through the strengthening of cultural tourism, the management of museum facilities, the visitor center of the town of Acquapendente, cinemas in different municipalities in Lazio and Tuscany, artistic promotion through thematic exhibitions, leisure activities, design, promotion, and organization of thematic workshops and conferences. The activities proposed by Ape Regina are inspired by the stimuli that the territory offers, ranging from its biodiversity richness, historical traces, traditions, and folklore. These activities blend educational and tourism elements while also strengthening relationships with local residents.

The cooperative offers a wide range of activities, including excursions and mini-treks for sustainable tourism, formulation of tourist packages for slow and inclusive tourism, educational activities and outdoor games for schools of all levels, library management and reading education, management of natural, historical, art, and cultural museums, guided tours, and theater performances.

In short, there are numerous events catering to various interests and preferences.

L’Ape Regina Soc. Coop. a r.l.