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San Lorenzo Nuovo: the “Little Copenhagen of Lake Bolsena.”

Located on the Via Francigena, the village, with its modern urban planning, takes its name from the relocation of San Lorenzo alle Grotte to a more favorable position.

The "Little Copenhagen of Lake Bolsena."

Located on the Via Francigena, the village, with its modern urban planning, takes its name from the reconstruction of a new settlement by moving San Lorenzo alle Grotte to a more favorable location. This was because in the 18th century, due to the rising of the lake’s water level, the settlement, just 2 km from Lake Bolsena, became covered in swamps, leading to a malaria outbreak that decimated the population. The population was allowed to enter the houses built by the order of Pope Clement XIV in 1779, during the reign of Pius VI. This is why, unlike the neighboring villages, San Lorenzo Nuovo features neoclassical architecture. In fact, architect Francesco Navone, with a modern and innovative vision, developed the layout of the new town based on the octagonal shape of Copenhagen’s Amalienborg Square, from which straight and wide streets intersect at right angles.

One of the most important churches is that of San Lorenzo Martire. Inside, it’s worth seeing the paintings by Vasari, a wooden crucifix dating back to the 12th century, and perhaps the bust of Pope Pius VI created by Antonio Canova.

Among the other ancient churches to visit are: the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of San Giovanni in Via di Lago, and the Rural Church of Madonna di Torano. The latter is unique because it was built on the remains of an ancient Etruscan temple.

For a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Bolsena below, it is recommended to reach the highest point of the area through a walk to Monte Landro. Here, you can also visit an important archaeological site.

Moreover, the municipality has a portion of the lake’s shore where you can relax and engage in sports activities while enjoying its healthy air.

Events in San Lorenzo Nuovo

For gastronomy and folklore enthusiasts, San Lorenzo Nuovo organizes the “Sagra degli Gnocchi” (Gnocchi Festival) during the week of August 15th and celebrates the patron saint on August 10th and 11th. Of course, the typical restaurants in the area are always available for enjoying traditional dishes such as grilled coregone and luccio alla bolsenese (a local fish specialty), accompanied by excellent local wines.