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Acquapendente is a small town of Etruscan origins, located in the province of Viterbo and immersed in the greenery of the woods. Why is it called like this? Because it hosts a very ancient crypt containing the first reproduction of the tomb of Christ outside of the Holy Land.


Its historical, artistic, and cultural heritage is incredibly rich. Ready for an imaginary tour through the streets of the town?

Let’s start with the two ancient towers of the city: the Julia de Jacopo Tower and the Clock Tower. The first historically allowed the entrance to the city, while the second had defensive functions for the imperial castle of Frederick Barbarossa. Upon entering the village, we find the beautiful Church of San Francesco, which stands out for its Renaissance bell tower and the ancient portal dating back to the 11th century. Further along, there are two refined historical palaces: the Renaissance-era Viscontini Palace and the neoclassical Town Hall Palace. The most significant monument is the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, in which treasures of immeasurable importance such as the crypt are preserved.

It appears that the Basilica dedicated to the Holy Sepulchre was built by Queen Matilda of Westphalia after the mules laden with gold destined for Rome knelt down right here. The construction dates back to the 12th century and was originally in the Romanesque style. Then, due to numerous subsequent interventions, the style underwent changes (such as the façade designed by Nicola Salvi).

Moving outside the walls, you can admire the majesty of the Castle and village of Torre Alfina, as well as the beauty of the Castle and Village of Trevinano. This town is rich in culture, from the Flower Museum to the City Museum, and including the Art Gallery and the Municipal Library.

Moreover, the village hides magical places where nature and history blend: the Sasseto Wood and the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve. The forest, a treasure trove of rich biodiversity, is also famous for the Gothic mausoleum of Marquis Edoardo Cahen built within it. The Reserve is a protected area rich in natural beauty and at the same time steeped in tradition, with its 34 farmhouses inhabited by farmers until about 50 years ago.


Acquapendente is also tied to traditions, like the oldest among the folk celebrations in Tuscia: the Festival of the Pugnaloni, dedicated to the Madonna of the Flower.


Other festivities that enliven the village include: the Aquesian Carnival, Urban Vision, the Journey of Peasant and Artisan Civilization. Sporting activities are not lacking either, such as the Monte Rufeno Hike, the Francigena Marathon, and the World Francigena Ultramarathon.