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Frantoio Antica Tuscia Battaglini

Frantoio Antica Tuscia Battaglini

The Pleasure of Flavors from the Past

On the hills surrounding Lake Bolsena, at an altitude of about 400 meters, lies the Bruno Battaglini Agricultural Estate. In this estate, olive groves extend along gentle slopes where favorable exposure, clean air, soil nature, and the proximity of the lake create an optimal microclimate for the organic cultivation of olives. For three generations, the Battaglini Agricultural Estate has been dedicated to cultivating three typical olive varieties: moraiolo, caninese, and frantoio, with a focus on producing high-quality oil. Andrea and Stefano, along with their father Bruno, are committed to maximizing the value of their raw materials. With experience and precision, they oversee every step of the production process, from agronomic practices to transformation using continuous cycle technology in the company’s olive mill. The olives, when perfectly ripe, are hand-picked directly from the trees and are cold-pressed within 24 hours (maximum temperature of 27°C) in the estate’s olive mill. This system preserves the natural compounds found in fresh olives and imparts the extra virgin olive oil from the Battaglini Agricultural Estate and Olive Mill with pleasing aromatic nuances. The oil showcases a green color with golden reflections, a fruity aroma, a harmonious and rounded flavor with a balanced touch of bitterness and pungency. These characteristics make Battaglini extra virgin olive oil a delightful condiment in all Mediterranean cuisine dishes, and a particularly healthy product recommended for a balanced and nutritious diet.