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Antica Legatoria Viali

Antica Legatoria Viali

Bookbinders in Viterbo since 1891

Officially entered in the Registry of Historic Italian Companies, the activity of the Viali bookbinding dates back to 1891, and the name Viali has been retained according to the wishes of Giuseppe Viali.   Maintaining the inherently artisanal nature of the craft, in 1997, the reins of the business, located in the heart of Viterbo, were passed on to Maria Lucia and Kolb Hans.   Continuing to use the tools that belonged to Giovanni Viali, the two have refined techniques and conducted research to find the finest materials that the market offers in terms of papers, leathers, and adhesives.   All of this is done to give life to various types of bindings through the blending of different materials (such as leather, fabric, paper, imitation leather) and various techniques (sewn bindings, French binding, Bradel binding, paperback, Lumbeck system).   Every piece that comes out of the Antica Legatoria Viali is conceived to be unique, inimitable, strictly handmade, and certified.

Antica Legatoria Viali S.a.s. di Arena Lucia Maria